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With the development of technical universities and the profession engineer, materials handling rapidly became a work field of science. In 1907, the technical university founded an independent Chair of Hoisting Devices and Conveyor Systems, which was staffed with Prof. Rudolf Krell. In 1935, Prof. Erich vom Ende took over the chair, but soon the teaching and research were impaired by the turmoil of war. In 1950, after many years of vacancy, Prof. Fritz Dreher enabled the reconstruction in the still destroyed college rooms.

In 1974, Prof. Siegfried Böttcher was ordered to Munich and with the renaming into „Chair and institute of materials handling" the field of work extended from the calculation and construction of materials handling devices to their industrial application and incorporation. From the vast scope of materials handling technology especially the large devices of crane construction and conveyance of bulk goods as well as cable car technology became the focus of research. 

In 1994 Prof. Willibald A. Günthner  took  over the  chair and a strong  extension of the  scope of  teaching and research in the fields of work material flow technology and logistics was conducted, which  was also expressed in the renaming  once more into “Chair of Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics" (fml). Today all decisive fields of technical logistics are covered by around 40 employees. Aside from the interpretation and calculation of conveyors, the steering and optimization of logistics processes by innovative ident-technologies, the planning of logistics based on digital tools, as well as the role of people in logistics are significant priorities of research.

Today the chair sees itself as an open research institute which wants to contribute both to scientific progress in the  field of technical logistics as well as to the transfer of knowledge for the economy. Towards that end, the Logistik-Innovations-Zentrum (liz) (center for innovation in logistics) was founded in 2006 to deal with current problems of small- and medium- sized enterprises. This way, the SMEs are provided with a research platform corresponding to their needs, which enables the companies to significantly increase their competitiveness.

In 2007, the Chair fml celebrated its 100th anniversary with a gala to which several guests from science and practice were invited.