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Currently just under 50 researchers and employees as well as a great number of student employees deal with research and development work. For their work 900 m² office area 1.000 m² hall are and 1.500 m² open air area are at their disposal in the new modern buildings into which the institute moved in 1997.

Blick in die Versuchshalle

The majority of the test facilities from the different priorities of research of the chair are in the trial hall, which has a direct connection to the workshop and is equipped with a computer-controlled electric supply net. 
Only the testing plant for high-performance worm conveyors was set up on the open-air area of the chair in the south of the testing facility.

Here you can learn more about the individual trial facilities at the Chair fml:

•    AR Picking
•    Automatic small parts store
•    Apprentice  project downhill scooter „SWOSHR”  
•    Kardex shuttle XP 700 
•    RFID-Equipment
•    Trial facility for high-performance screw conveyors
•    Virtual reality laboratory



 Roboter zur Funktionsvereinigung


Versuchsstand für Hochleistungs-Schneckenförderer