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Research profile


Research projects


 Research at fml focuses on many topics:

Intralogistics includes a wide spectrum of research subjects ranging from Logistics Planning and Conveyors in Intralogistics to Storage and Order Picking Systems.

Due to its important role in domestic economy the automotive industry represents an own research focus dealing with systems and processes of Automotive Logistics.

Research on Changeable Material Flow Systems and the Internet of Things aims at developing highly flexible and extremely adaptable logistics systems in intralogistics.

The research and the use of the innovative identification-technology RFID in Logistics is connected to these topics.

Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies as modern digital tools are finding their way into the logistics planning process and into on-site employee support.

Besides Automotive Logistics, a second industry focus deals with Construction Logistics and considers planning and tracking of process sequences as well as supply and disposal on construction sites.

Bulk Material Conveying and Crane Engineering represent two traditional working fields still being the object of current research at fml. Furthermore, research on Crane Engineering & Design of Load-supporting Structures is closely connected to the development and application of FEM-Analysis & Multi-body Simulation which is itself allowing for increasingly complex calculations due to evolving capacities in the IT sector.

A clear separation between individual research subjects is not intended because a result and knowledge tansfer between different fields of research leads to innovative solutions and synergetic effects.