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The Chair fml offers a wide range of teaching and training facilities. Current developments immediately enter the teaching via the application orientation in the conduction of trials and research as well as the close collaboration with industry.

In the university teaching the chair attaches great importance to basic knowledge and methods as well as practical knowledge. In lectures such as material flow and logistics, materials handling and  material flow technology, machine systems engineering or also special areas like conveying of bulk goods or ropeway technology, these complex competences are imparted.

During the consultation hours, the employees of the chair are on hand with help and advice for students’ questions on the lectures.


Aside from the extensive education on the theoretical basics, the practical application of this knowledge is a further important aspect within the education at the Chair fml.

This can be attained best by active collaboration in the exercises and practicals. Student research papers frequently conducted in cooperation with industrial enterprises are a good preparation for the students for their future work as an engineer.

"Experiencing logistics live“ is the slogan of the various excursions which the chair offers to the students throughout the whole year. The trips go to companies from the entire region to discover the technology and processes up close.


Furthermore, there is the possibility of participating in congresses such as the German Congress on Material Flow.

Information on degree programs that contain the chair's lectures can be found here.

If you need help in the correct selection of subjects of the chair or if you have questions about a suitable study plan, please refer to our study adviser.