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Chair of Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics

The Chair fml perceives itself as an open research institution aiming to significantly contribute towards the scientific progress in the areas of material flow technology and logistics. An essential contribution to safeguarding Germany as a location of logistics is made by the acquired knowledge and its transfer towards practical applications, especially in small and medium-sized businesses.

Insights gathered from fundamental research activities represent the basis for developing innovative solutions for current and practically relevant problems from research and industry. An integrated knowledge transfer and problem specific knowledge adaption belong to the chair's core responsibilities just like the education and training of the upcoming scientific generation by committed teaching activities.

Along with aspects of technical logistics, the control and optimization of material flow processes by innovative identification technologies (RFID), the development of logistics planning by means of digital tools as well as the role of human beings in logistics represent the chair's essential research topics.


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The Chair fml is active both in the publicly financed domains of fundamental and applied research and in research cooperations with industrial partners. Research projects are usually carried out in interdisciplinary collaborations.

The following pages offer you further information about the Chair fml. Here you can find all notable information about the chair's equipment, history and employees. Our contact information, driving directions and the floorplan are further guides at your disposal. The partners section offers a list of current and previous research and industry partners.